Where to Buy Gold Bars
Buy gold bars at the best price with our guide and make your investment more profitable.

Do you wonder, where to buy gold bars? Number of places online might give investors a headache. There are hundreds of places to buy gold bars online and comparing prices on all of them might be hard, but…

We present you our new ranking, so you don’t have to look all by yourself!

Discover our top 7 places for buying gold bars. See our tl:dr ranking below or scroll down to gain more details about each website.

Where To Buy Gold Bars 2020 Ranking

The following online dealers are ranked based on the price of gold bars, stock availability, volume pricing, and other important factors. This way you can easily find out best sites to buy gold bars online.

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Gold Bars Dealers Buying Guide


SDBullion is listed in the first place again! Seems like the ultimate place on our “where to buy gold bars” ranking!

This company is truly loyal to its slogan “The Lowest Price. Period.”.

SDBullion has the best price for a single PAMP gold bar. Their bulk buying option lost one point to the competitor, but it’s still a great offer, one of the best on the market.

Customers have a huge selection of golden bars and gold bullion coins, as well as other precious metals like silver and platinum.

It’s worth to mention that most of the gold bars come with different blister designs, which is not so popular among competitors. SDBullion also provides fast and secure shipping.

If you want to purchase less than 5 gold bars, SDBullion should be your first choice and is definitely best place to buy gold bars for individuals.

Overall Score:

4,7 points

Detailed Score:

PAMP bar availability: 1 point
Price: 6 points
Bulk modificator: 5 points
Other: 0 points

Bullion Exchanges

Gold bullion bars runner up, who is just below the leader of “Where to buy gold bars” ranking!

Their price for single PAMP Suisse gold bar is just a few cents less than SDBullion’s. At the same time Bullion Exchange has even better offer for bulk gold buyers!

Buying gold bars is not the only option here. Bullion Exchanges has also a large selection of silver bars, silver coins, and gold coins. The selection of bars is not limited to 1-ounce gold bars. Smaller ones, or bigger like 100-gram gold bars (or even smaller), are also available at a reasonable price.

Bullion Exchange is a place for you especially when your goal is to buy bars in bulk!

Overall Score:

4,3 points

Detailed Score:

PAMP bar availability: 1 point
Price: 5 points
Bulk modificator: 6 points
Other: 0 points

Buy Gold And Silver Coins (BGASC)

3rd place in “Where to buy gold bars” ranking.

The price for a single bar of gold is just a few bucks over the market leader, so it’s still a very attractive offer.

Just like our TOP 2 of “Where to buy gold bars” ranking, their offer consists of gold, silver and platinum bars and coins, available in different weights and from various mints worldwide.

Yet another big advantage of BGASC their fast, next day shipping option.

Overall Score:

3,1 points

Detailed Score:

PAMP bar availability: 1 point
Price: 4 points
Bulk modificator: 3 points
Other: 0 points


GoldBroker is the only dealer in “Where to buy gold bars” ranking that didn’t have PAMP 1 ounce gold bar in stock during the time ranking was updated. Although for sake of this ranking we took into consideration a price of similar product: 1 ounce Heraeus gold bar.

Price for single gold bars is slightly higher (a few cents on average) than GBASC, but the offer of gold bars is very limited and contains around 7 different products. This is the biggest disadvantage of GoldBroker now.

Overall Score:

2,2 points

Detailed Score:

PAMP bar availability: 0 point
Price: 3 points
Bulk modificator: 2 points
Other: 0 points

JM Bullion

One of the biggest gold bars dealers in US market.

The price for a single bar is way higher than competitors, but their bulk (20+) gold bars prices are something that is worth considering. It’s not as good as market leaders, but got solid 4 points in our ranking.

JM Bullion has probably the biggest selection of bars and coins of different sizes and materials from all around the world.

Overall Score:

2,1 points

Detailed Score:

PAMP bar availability: 1 point
Price: 2 points
Bulk modificator: 4 points
Other: 0 points

Sprott Money

The highest price for a single bar, as well as for bulk buying sets Sprott Money on the last place among all websites included in our “Where to buy gold bars” ranking.

Selection is also limited to just one weight of 1oz for gold, silver and platinum bars.

Overall Score:

0,9 points

Detailed Score:

PAMP bar availability: 1 point
Price: 1 point
Bulk modificator: 1 point
Other: 0 points


Our “Where to buy gold bars” ranking has fixed methodology. During our test 4 factors are taken into consideration:

  • Price of a single gold bar
  • Availability of 1oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bar (Lady Fortuna model)
  • Bulk price of a single gold bar
  • Other factors that might influence the attractiveness of the offer

All prices are checked for single 1 ounce gold PAMP Suisse bar (Lady Fortuna model) or another model PAMP is not available) from Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux. We find this bar to be the most reliable compared to other popular gold bars.

Summary: Where To Buy Gold Bars?

As gold bars are an investment options it’s always the best idea to buy them at the lowest prices possible at the time.

Respected online gold dealers, like ones listed above, are provide almost equal level of transaction security and fast, insured shipping services. In this case price of the product should be your biggest concern. We advise you to visit all of the dealers above and compare prices.

Buying from dealers, whose prices are right above the spot price will give you biggest return on investment and money savings.

We hope that now you’ll know where to buy gold bars.