Choosing where to buy gold coins might be overwhelming for ordinary people. There are tons of places to buy bullion coins online and comparing their prices might be a hard job so…

We made this ranking so you don’t have to do this all by yourself!

See our top choices for buying gold coins in short ranking below or scroll down to get more details about each site and our ranking metodology.

Where To Buy Gold Coins 2020 Ranking

The following websites were ranked based on the price of gold coins offered, availability, volume pricing and other factors.

  1. SDBullion
  2. Buy Gold And Silver Coins (BGASC)
  3. Bullion Exchanges
  4. Golden State Mint
  5. JM Bullion
  6. GoldBroker
  7. Sprott Money
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Gold Coins Dealers Buying Guide


SDBullion dominated this year’s ranking in every category.

Their slogan “The Lowest Price. Period.” is not just a bunch of words. Not only they have the best price of a single gold bullion coin, but also provide very fast and secure coin shipping.

Customers can choose from a wide variety of golden coins, gold bullion coins, and gold bars. People interested in other precious metals like silver and platinum will also find everything needed.

If you want to purchase gold coins, this is the first place to go.

Overall Score:

5,3 points

Detailed Score:

2019 coin availability: 1 point
Price: 7 points
Bulk modificator: 5 points
Other: 0 points

Buy Gold And Silver Coins (BGASC)´╗┐

If you are looking for a single gold coin (or small amount) BGASC is another great place to look. Their prices are almost as good as SDBullion’s.

Just like the winner, their offer consists of gold, silver and platinum coins and bars, but you can also find palladium coins here.

Next business day shipping is another big advantage of BGASC.

Overall Score:

4,3 points

Detailed Score:

2019 coin availability: 1 point
Price: 6 points
Bulk modificator: 3 points
Other: 0 points

Bullion Exchanges

Third place owner might not have the best price for single gold coins to buy, but it’s still might be competitive on gold coins market.

The biggest advantage of Bullion Exchanges is the bulk price of 20+ coins, which is just a few cents above the leaders. So if you’re interested in buying gold coins in bulk, Bullion Exchange is good place to look.

Overall Score:

3,3 points

Detailed Score:

2019 coin availability: 1 point
Price: 4 points
Bulk modificator: 4 points
Other: 0 points

Golden State Mint

This dealer has good prices for gold coins, but be advised that at the time of the test new coins were not available. Although used gold coins don’t have the same value as new ones, because of the scratches the amount of gold is the same in new and used ones.

Also, Golden State Mint has just few gold coins in their offer, but on the other hand their sales are pretty attractive.

So, if you are looking for cheap used gold bullion coins you might check if there is no sale going on. In another situation, we advise picking some gold dealer from the list above.

Overall Score:

2,9 points

Detailed Score:

2019 coin availability: 0 point
Price: 5 points
Bulk modificator: 0 points
Other: -1 point

JM Bullion

One of the biggest gold dealers in US.

The prices for single coins are not so attractive as competitors and their bulk (20+) prices are rather average too.

The biggest advantage of JM Bullion is probably the biggest choice of coins, bars of different sizes and materials from all around the world.

Overall Score:

1,7 points

Detailed Score:

2019 coin availability: 1 point
Price: 2 points
Bulk modificator: 2 points
Other: 0 points


Although prices for single gold coin are slightly better than JM Bullion offers, the biggest disadvantage is that GoldBroker only sells gold bullion coins in rolls of 10.

This eliminates smaller investors who might be interested in buying single coins.

Overall Score:

1,6 points

Detailed Score:

2019 coin availability: 1 point
Price: 3 points
Bulk modificator: 0 points
Other: -3 points

Sprott Money

Highest price for single coin among all ranked websites plus the highest price for bulk buying (25+).

Buying choices are also limited to 1oz gold, silver, platinum coins and bars.

This places Sprott Money on the last spot of this list.

Overall Score:

0,9 points

Detailed Score:

2019 coin availability: 1 point
Price: 1 point
Bulk modificator: 1 point
Other: 0 points


During our test 4 factors are taken into consideration:

  • Price of a single gold coin
  • Availability of 2020 model
  • Bulk price of a single coin
  • Other factors that might influence

All prices are checked for single 1 ounce gold Maple Leaf 2020 coin (or another model if 2019 is not available) from Royal Canadian Mint. We find this coin to be the most reliable compared to other popular gold coins like American Gold Eagle (from United States Mint) or Kruggerand (from South African Mint).

Summary: Where To Buy Gold Coins?

As gold bullion coins suppose to be an investment it would be the best idea to buy them at an as low price as possible.

Since all online gold dealers are providing a very similar level of transaction security and shipping services, you should visit all of the sites above and just compare prices.

Buying where price is slightly above the spot price lets you not only save money but also makes your investment in gold coins more profitable.